Custom Macromineral Blends for Dairy Cattle

At GLC Minerals, we understand the importance of animal nutrition as it relates to animal health and milk production. That’s why we created BaseMin- a Customized Macromineral Blend for Dairy Cattle. Since the 1940’s we have been innovating new products and processes to better serve our farming communities. With BaseMin, we are revolutionizing the animal nutrition market by offering a new product with several key benefits.

Custom Blends

BaseMin is a custom creation of locally sourced minerals that include a mixed ratio of Calcium, Magnesium, Buffer (Optional), and Salt (Optional).  We will work with you to curate your own custom proprietary blend of macrominerals to elevate the dairy production quantity and quality.

Why BaseMin?

BaseMin is a midwest product for midwest dairy producers. Our direct to farm, macromineral customized blend, dairy feed additive is focused on the lactation stage, increasing lbs of milk per day and simultaneously increasing production and profits. To combat the inconsistencies of feed mill mixes, BaseMin is designed as an onsite mix. In the 5 minutes it takes to mix in BaseMin, you can be guaranteed an exact blend of a high-performing product that has been customized specifically for your needs.

Because BaseMin is so fine, it’s both more digestible and better absorbed into the cow’s system.  Where feed mill mixes contain larger particles that can also more easily separate from the feed, falling to the bottom – BaseMin coats and clings to the feed giving the animal more of the needed nutrients. Finally, the larger feed mill particle mixes, processed at a feed mill, cause you to need more onsite storage space than with our BaseMin product.

Direct to Producer Savings

Money talks and so does our data. As a dairy producer whose goal is to increase profits, BaseMin is the ‘direct to producer’ solution you’ve been looking for. Not only is our product superior in effectiveness and minimizing loss of product, but we save upfront costs by delivering directly to farms, removing the macrominerals from your feed mill mix costs.

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